Trust Officer

Planned Giving & Trust · Ooltewah, Tennessee
Department Planned Giving & Trust
Employment Type Regular Full Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

Position Description

Adventist Media Center – It Is Written

Position Title:  Trust Officer    Department: Planned Giving & Trust

Job Classification: Exempt - Regular Full time

Accountable to: Trust Department Director

Position Summary:
Serve the It Is Written media ministry by communicating its vision and mission to potential donors so they can participate in funding its evangelistic goals. This will mean representing and effectively communicating gift planning and trust services for the ministry at events, meetings, and with individual donors.

Authority & Accountability:
Authority as delegated by the ministry governing committee and the Trust Department Director. Responsible for assisting in the functions of gift planning and trust services as requested and needed.

Essential Position Functions:

  • Report directly to the Trust Department director and/or associate director to assist with responsibilities in the Planned Giving & Trust Services Department.
  • Be a Spiritual and personable leader who understands the importance of donor relationships as a vital spiritual ministry.
    • A mature Christian who is in agreement with all 28 fundamental Bible teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
    • One who maintains a close, growing relationship with Jesus Christ as personal Savior from sin and Lord of life.
    • One who is able to discern the spiritual condition of donors and understand how to encourage them to a greater understanding of the spiritual dimension of estate stewardship.
    • One who views the development of donor relationships as a vital spiritual ministry.
    • One who is willing to and able to travel extensively to visit donors in their space.
    • A "people person" - one who loves people and learning what makes them happy. A personable, good conversationalist with a variety of interests and the ability to relate well with a wide range of people types. 
    • One who knows and understands the working, the culture, and the ministry at Ist Is Written in all its departments and is conversant with the strengths of its people.
  • Be an ethical and professional leader who is certified and accredited in gift planning and trust services. 
    • One who knows and understands the North American Division Certification and Accreditation Standards and cooperates with Level A Accreditation requirements in all gift plan development work. 
    • One who obtains formal training in planned giving concepts and instruments with a commitment to continuing education in the field as required or beyond that which is required by the employer.
    • Goal and task-oriented - one who is able to meet deadlines and goals. Maintains a high level of self-discipline, a self-starter in making donor visit appointments and going to see them, an excellent time manager in the use of time on the road and in the office. 
  • Represents It Is Written as a field representative at ministry functions and with individual donors. 
    • Constantly search for opportunities to communicate with people on the vision and mission of It Is Written and it's Planned Giving & Trust Services Department, which is designed to facilitate donors’ goals of helping to fund the mission of Christ to seek and to save the lost people.
    • Represent the ministry and/or speak at seminars, major donor events, conferences, convocations, and Partnerships as assigned.
    • Travel as needed to meet donors face to face. Plan travel to maximize travel budget by seeing as many donors as possible in a geographic territory on the same trip.
    • Intentionally pursue planned gifts, including but not limited to cash, non-cash gifts, gift annuities, life insurance gifts, wills, charitable trusts, and revocable trust plans.
    • Continuously be in contact with donors in a healthy balance of phone and written communications and face-to-face visits.
    • Maintain ongoing relationships with donors so as to always have an influence in the donor’s life for current and future gifts.
    • Interview donors at every opportunity to learn their spiritual & financial situation, and their giving goals.
  • Explain and assist donors with the Adventist Legacy Planning program and process.
    • Explain Planned Giving to donors and prospective donors, share educational materials on Adventist Legacy Planning with them,
    • Assist donors to organize their estate design data, including personal, family, and financial information so the donor may present it to their choice of independent donor legal counsel.
    • Obtain asset information from donors as needed; this may include copies of titles, deeds, account statements, insurance coverage, tax statements, cost basis, and market values.
    • Present gift plan illustrations and comprehensive gift and estate plan design proposals to donors, including options that are designed to suit their values and priorities, and goals; follow the donor through the planning process to conclude new gift plans
    • Obtain information to complete Environmental Questionnaire and Site Inspection Checklist for each parcel of real property to be transferred to the Ministry as an outright gift or life estate remainder gift or to fund a trust when the Ministry is considering acceptance of fiduciary responsibility as the owner or as an initial trustee or as a successor trustee of a gift plan in which real property transfer(s) are anticipated to fund the plan.
    • Create an “Attorney Packet” by combining the estate design data and asset information described above along with a cover letter to the donor that explains their need of appropriate legal representation and the program of partial or full reimbursement of the legal fees.
    • Forward information & documents to the Trust Office as needed for files and fiduciary responsibilities.
    • Work with the trust officer to follow through on all administrative aspects of the gift and donor record and file. Provide instructions to the trust officer as needed to make sure all details are properly handled.
  • Fulfill performance and administrative expectations of a full-time Trust Office as outlined. 
      • Initiate phone, email, hard-copy correspondence, and other contacts with donors on a consistent and regular basis to achieve:
      • 10 face to face donor visits per week average
      • 35 face-to-face donor visits per month as an average, including time away from the job for vacation days and holidays. (350 per year).  One visit may be at a Partnership event if a meaningful conversation occurs.  These visits may include customer care service visits for existing gift plan donors, in the role of Trust Officer.
    • Participate in setting realistic territory goals, develop a territory marketing/communication plan, also a plan to immerse donors in the Ministry of It Is Written, and set up a schedule designed to fulfill the required level of donor visits.
    • Complete the reports that are required pursuant to the framework of the Ministry’s Strategic Structure for the department.
    • Maintain updated donor records and files. Make sure all donor data is properly entered in the database so that planned giving donors are properly treated in direct mail as a major donor and Partner.
    • Submit contact reports weekly
    • Submit travel expense reports at least one time per month.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled phone/video meetings and share the progress and activities of the previous week along with plans for the upcoming week/s.
  • Fulfill other responsibilities and duties as assigned by the ministry management.


Qualifications, Scope, & Complexity of Duties:

Education: Minimum of a college degree or equivalent experience. NAD Trust Services Certification is required (if not already certified, must obtain certification within two years of employment in the position).

Experience: No planned giving requirement but a minimum of 15 years of professional work experience is required. 

Member in good standing of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

  • Skills, scope, and complexity of duties:
    • Necessary organizational skills to sufficiently handle the job assignment
    • Ability to exercise direction, independent judgment, make decisions and assume responsibility
    • Good personal relationship skills
    • Understand or be willing to receive training on a continual basis
    • Flexibility to adapt to urgent projects or unusual situations


  • In the ministry:
    • Trust Department Director
    • Manager or Treasurer/manager of the ministry
    • Other Department Directors and Planned Giving Staff
    • Office staff
    • Support Services and all on-campus personnel
  • Outside of ministry:
    • Trust Officers of other SDA entities
    • Donors and personnel at events, as well as all attendees


  • General Working conditions of an office
  • Travel flexibility and travel hazards
  • Physical requirements: requires driving, standing, walking, time at a desk, reaching, climbing, and lifting (maximum of 50 lbs.)
  • Statistics:
    • 38 Regular hours per week
    • Will require variable hours and weekend work
    • No special clothing or safety gear is required.

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    • Location
      Ooltewah, Tennessee
    • Department
      Planned Giving & Trust
    • Employment Type
      Regular Full Time
    • Minimum Experience